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JAVA or Java Island is an tropical island located south of equator and the geographic  Java island consists of a series of volcanoes, from the west side there Krakatau sea volcano, Mount Merapi, Mount Bromo, east of Mount Ijen served until the Mount Agung in Bali. Because of its location in the tropical region and consists of a series of volcanoes that java island, presents a natural beauty that is very, very interesting and varied, not shared by other regions in the world.

Culturally the island of Java has been inhabited since ten thousand years BC. Trade relations with other nations affect the culture of java, because the merchants carrying goods to the island of java culture, so that on the island of java a Hindu influence, the influence of Islamic and western influences. so that the culture is very varied in java. so that the culture in Java is very interesting as an tourist attractions in Indonesia. There are Hindu temples such as Prambanan, there are Buddhist temples such as Borobudur, Kraton Yogyakarta, to temples in Bali, a Java version of the Ramayana dance or Balinese gamelan instruments Java and Bali, which is the acculturation of the various influences on the Java

Java Island

Java Island

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